Edw. C. Levy Co.

The Edw. C. Levy Co. is a company that was green before green was trendy, with a corporate culture that can serve as a blueprint for companies around the globe.

A brand should reflect how the business operates and whom it serves. ACI created the brand and the marketing tools to better reflect this vision and position the Edw. C. Levy Co. for entry into a new vertical, more effectively positioning the company for success in a global marketplace.



The Levy Group of Companies transforms our products into lightweight aggregates, asphalt, cement, concrete, agricultural products, and more. We provide services that include construction materials, road building, flame cutting and treatment, steel mill services, logistics, and laboratory testing.


Esmark is comprised of multiple subsidiaries; steel services and gas/oil production are the two largest ones. Esmark needed a brand strategy to create and sustain a high-profile image in the global steel industry and support tremendous growth through its fast acquisition pace.

  • Six independent companies were acquired by Esmark to be wrapped into the Esmark family of brands. Each company was evaluated and named.
  • Esmark went from a $130 million company in 2004 to more than $625 million today.
  • In a three-year period, Esmark was recognized as one of the Top 10 Metal Distributors in North America.



Esmark is a diversified, privately-held family company with a portfolio of industrial companies with strong roots in the steel industry. Over the years, Esmark has diversified its interests and operations into a number of businesses engaged in the industrial and commodity sectors.

Porter Health Care System

With new management, new associates, medical excellence rivaling Chicago competitors, and a state-of-the-art hospital under construction, it was time for public perception to mirror this caliber of healthcare. And this brand campaign did just that.

  • Annual quantitative research shows an increase in all areas of measurement.
  • Brand advocacy scores jumped 15% within one year.


Porter Health Care System

Porter Health Care System includes two hospital campuses and seven outpatient facilities serving Porter, Lake, LaPorte, Starke, Newton, Marshall and Jasper counties. With more than 350 physicians representing 50 medical specialties, Porter Health Care System is a leader in technology, innovation and overall patient care.

Miller Metals

What if your supply chain managed itself? Miller Metals set out to revolutionize the ordering, tracking, and customer service aspects of the metalworking industry with development of L’Acier, a proprietary, cloud-based inventory management system that serves as a complementary add-on to the KanBan system.

We were able to refine the Miller Metals brand, reflecting a more progressive company. We also created the brand for L’Acier. Their business needed a new sales process, which we developed for them, along with the marketing materials to support that process including sell sheets and letters.


Miller Metals Website

Miller Metals has been a family owned and operated provider of quality steel products and quality metal blanks for three generations. In that time we have set an industry standard as the premiere provider of steel for a wide range of products, including heating and air conditioning equipment and metal office furniture.